Gormin Cruiser
Ship Type: War Vessel
Ship Class: Cruiser
Crew Size: 30~40
Weight: TBA
Length: 114m
Height: 35 m
Manufacturer: Gormin
Armaments: Turbolaser Turrets
Propulsion Plasma Thrusters
Warp Drive
Utilities Force Cages
Affiliation Gormin
Created by SolZen321

The main vessel of the Gormin.

Appearance Edit

The main body if box in shape with two massive Engines on the side and a small bridge sticking out on the front.

Armaments and Defenses Edit

  • Turbolaser Turrets: High powered blaster turrets, they fire high temperature plasma bullets, designed to pierce space ship hulls.
  • EM Shield: An EM shield, that blocks any object effected by the laws of Electromagnetism.

Propulsion Edit

  • Plasma Thrusters: The twin massive thrusters on the side/back of the ship.
  • Warp Drive: Their means of FTL without using a Mass Gate.

Other Tech Edit

  • Force Cages: Force field cages for holding captives.

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