Grand Demon is essentially a dark god, but they're still foot soldier of Grandark Army, the weakest variation of them can fight against a

Grand Demon

Seibertronians on equal foot.

Apparances Edit

A Grand Demon can shape-shift nearly everything just like a Dire Wraith. But their form are required to be mechanical. However, they cannot assume the form of a Seibertronians.

However their true form are that off a living cosmic. With the weakest variation contain within himself more than [Infinite ^ Infinite] x Infinite Multiverse a.k.a Magni Cluster.

Power Edit

Up to one billion Grand Demon can combine with each other. However the process require alot of complexes step that not every Grand Demon could accomplished. There was three known variation of a Grand Demon

Normal: A normal Grand Demon with power to fight against a mook in Zen Seibertron Teikoku

Elite: Combination of 100 million Grand Demon with power to challenge an elite

Supreme: Foot soldier in operation concern the Yuusha. They're the strongest type and the only type of Grand Demon that can damage a Yuusha in a fight.

Above Dimensional: The concept of dimensional layers is nothing to them. However, they still have to obey the law of "The Main Setting". Meaning that this power only applied to the plane of existence below "The Main Setting" a.k.a the normal space time. Where the concept of dimensional layers actually mean dirt.

Type 4 Immortality: They could be killed if by someone stronger than them. Only god with higher power than a Grand Demon can remove it from existence.

Reality Manipluation: They can manipluate reality to ridiculous extend.

Immense Strength: However when they encounter another being of their magnitude i.e Seibertronians. They're forced to use raw strength. Each of their attack can destroy one Magni Cluster [the weakest variant] or million of them. The strongest variant can destroy one billion Magni Cluster in one attack.

Multiple Form Of Attack: There is no universal set of attack amongst Grand Demon.

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