Creatures bred for the energy crystals the produce. They often referred to simply as Gua or slimes. They hale from Planet Gua

Appearance Edit

They resemble magneta colored typical fantasy slimes. They are almost always smiling

Behavior Edit

Gua, normally jump about peacefully, eating whatever fruits or other slimes and small animals they can. They eat things whole and excrete balls of plasma. They are also highly explosive to such things as fire and blaster bolts. They also dissolve in large bodies of water, especially salt water.

They will eat anything, and can be force fed easily, however they only like organic materials.

Some domesticated Slimes have been genetically altered to excrete crystals containing plasma. Upon gaining enough mass they split into two.

History Edit

Discovered by the Planetary Federation ages ago, the Gua were captured, bred and sent around the Galaxy to be used as a source of alternative fuel. They eventually wound up in all corners of the known Galaxy, as pets or more often livestock.

At present there is a sickness going about the Major Corporations where they became large, black ravenous versions of themselves, that also cannibalize other slimes.

Trivia Edit

They are inspired by Slime Rancher, an indie game.

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