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(Note the Maxion name is a place holder)

Setting Edit

An alternative world, set on an alien planet and its solar system.

Premise Edit

After discovering a massive portal, mankind launched a fleet of ships to ease the overpopulated Earth. Afterwards the gate deactivated and the colonists set up their own new planet. Over a century later, Earth arrived via Jumpdrive, with an invading fleet to take the system by force. They brough mobile suits and began the long war.


Episodes Edit

  • pending.

Characters Edit

Mobile Suits Edit

  • GM: The standard mobile suits used by the TDF. Variants are used by the New Human Alliance.
  • Gundam Photon: Emily's last creation.

Things of Note Edit

  • Sister System: An operating system that takes the form of a girl in a silver jumpsuit. It can be seen as the brain/soul of the Gundam Photon. It exists to control the Photonic Drive.
  • Photonic Drive: The system placed within the Optimus and Photon Gundams, they generate Photonic Particles which work to protect the machines from beam attacks, via special coating on their armor. They also allow the System System to manifest inside and sometimes outside the gundam in question.
  • Magnetic Joints: These special joints reduce tension at joints and increase reaction time and mobility.
  • Space Titanium: A special allow used to create Gundams, also called Gundamium by some. It is a highly sought after secret.

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