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The following page (Gunpla) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
The reason of all war in various universe and the loss of billion life. It's a line of robot model start by Saber Varion. Manufactured by Bandai Namco, his omniversal scale toy company.

What is Gunpla Edit

Gunpla is a toyline feature scale model of giant robot. Mostly 1/144 but 1/100 sell too, 1/60 however are rare. Because Japan is a really small land. After you buy a Gunpla, remember to bougth some glue. Since eventhrough they don't need glue to snap in. BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR GUNPLA TO FALL OFF EVERY ONE OR TEN SECOND. GLUE THE ***** THING .

Why it a reason to start a war Edit

Because unless you want to go bankrupt. Every toy need something to accompanying them. This time they go with a reality show. That mean they start REAL WAR to sell TOY ofcourse. Why an omniversal level god should care about some "infected" when he can just let them kill each other and be his perfect toy promotion tool.

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