Darth Saevion's personal assassin droid and project, HK-50V. He is nicknamed Vector for simplicity.


HK-50V has the appearance of a normal HK-50, being tall, skeletal, although he is a darker gunmetal as opposed to "a rather poor shade of durasteel." However, he has been modified by his Sith master to have extra armor plating along his arms, lets, and torso, and has additional, visible weapons built into his wrists. His eyes glow a darker orange, as opposed to the standard yellow.


Like other droids in the HK-series, Vector is incredibly arrogant, cruel, and psychopathic, while still being capable as acting as a modified protocol droid as a disguise. HK-50V enjoys "burning away" other entities, both organic or mechanical. He holds the same "Philosophy of Murder" as his comrades. Many of Saevion's subordinates fear the droid and his trigger-happiness.

As with other HKs, he states the type of sentence before speaking.


HK-50V came off the assembly line in a hidden military base on Telos, along with countless other identical droids. At some point he came into the possession of Sith Lord Darth Saevion, who modified him with extra armor and armaments.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Built-in Weapons: HK-50V's arms have built in weapons.
    • Plasma Projector: Vector's favorite weapon, a flamethrower built into his right wrist. While rather inaccurate, the projector is capable of causing extreme damage in a confined environment.
    • Melee Weapoms: Installed in the droid's left wrist, a retractable set of cutting and welding tools along with vibroblades that he uses both on other droids and organics.
  • Assassin Skills: As an assassin, HK-50V is programmed with skills that allow him to eliminate single targets or groups of enemies.
  • Disrupter Carbine: HK-50V's weapon of choice.


  • HK-50V was inspired by HK-47 from the KOTOR games, and is named after both a vector, which is a term for an organism that spreads disease, and the KRISS Vector, a submachinegun.

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