An old Clericon and one of the Originals.

Appearance Edit

A bot with medium armor, a white and gold cape and a large helmet. He now transforms into a small mini car like vehicle.

Personality Edit

Originally a Vandoran shaman, he is a spiritual person who once believed in the hunt. After the change, he became a Clericon. He now works to meet new species and forge alliance between them and the Vandoricon nation. He is suspicious of the Archon and her past and her motives

He seems to hold a peculiar view on the Dark One. He has a strained relationship with his 'son' Hajon Minor.

History Edit

One of the Originals, Hajax survived the rampage of the Dark One and the Great Change. One of the critics and skeptics of the Archon, he lead the rival political party that demanded the Matrix be handed over to them. In the aftermath of the Predabot rebellions, many of his party were labelled Predabot supporters and removed, executed or forced to become Clericons.

Originally gifted with a young bot based on his genetic profile, Hajax and Hajon eventually grew distant over the years, taking on different paths.

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