Full name Hans Zarak, he was a bounty hunter who had his mind transferred to a Mechanoid.

Appearance Edit

Once as Castra, he now bears Maxion's old and perhaps first body.

His current body has a screen in a helmet for a face, a cockpit on his chest and clearly transforms into a jet. His body style is cubic

Personality Edit

A previously stern and headstrong fellow, Hans, is now obsessed with defeating Maxion. Hans, may be insane, but he does try to control himself.

History Edit

One of the first bounty hunters to go after Maxion when he first began to trek around the galaxy, Hans and his crew faced the cyber Vandoran several times as they tried to capture him, each time he proved too powerful, too clever, or both.

At one point, Han's body was badly damaged in an altercation leaving him crippled.

Sponsored by the government, Hans underwent an experimental process, wherein he transferred his brain into the body of a Mechanoid. However, Maxion proved too powerful to defeat and the subsequent arise of the Vandoricon Nation.

Since then Hans has waited, in his robot body, while his friends died, under observation by his government, who continue to study his body, continually upgrading it.

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