An ancient enemy of Maxion, she seeks to hunt down Sara, seeing her as Maxion returned.

Appearance Edit

Harik is a green skin humanoid with short black hair and a black stripe over the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She had purple eyes and wears a cowl and cape and black garments with leather boots, gloves and a belt. On her left arm is a mini terminal and her belt sports several gadgets and a blaster.

In battle she wears black, red stripes battle armor and a helmet/mask with a red V shaped visor.

Personality Edit

Harik hates Maxion and his race, mainly for being mechanical lifeforms, but she claims its for all the destruction they caused. She believes that for the galaxy to know true peace, he and his kind must be destroyed. She also believes that machines should serve organics and abhors A.I. and worse robotic life forms, which makes her doubly hate Maxion, who turned himself into one and as the 'God of Super Robots', proceeded to experiment and create Transmetal life.

For all of these things, she desires to destroy the Compendium, the repository for all his 'heretical' knowledge and wipe out all robotic life forms in the universe.

Harik is deeply religious which is why she dresses conservatively and is somewhat posh in how she carries herself. She is also very focused and constantly trains.

History Edit

Harik's race was one of the one which created Tribunal, which left them with an extreme fair and hatred of mechanical beings, particularly sentient mechanical beings, which has made them enemies of Maxion's Species, despite them having done nothing to theirs. This resulted in a war in which Maxion lead the charge to their defeat and decimation. To add insult to injury, Maxion did not eradicate her race, instead had their leader denounce their actions and placed several sanction upon her people, leaving the prior Galactic Upper Class race and as a lower class people.

Harik has since gone rogue, hunting down mechanoids and mechanoid planets with plans of genocide. Her main goal is the destruction of Maxion's race and Maxion himself.

Armaments and Abilities Edit

* Combat Training: Harik is skilled in hand-to-hand, is highly athletic and skilled with all sorts of weaponry.

  • Particle Gun: Her blaster, chosen because it is more suitable for dealing with robotic enemies than typical blasters.
  • EMP Rifle: For knocking out robotic enemies.
  • Battle Armor: A high tech armor that heals her wounds in battle as it tries to repair itself.

Harik's personal Super Robots, they are slender, silver tall robots, with helmets bearing elongated visors. They are programmed to answer only to her.

  • Battle Shield: Their kite shaped shields can be used to stab enemies. They are coated with anti-beam film to stop energy weapons for a short period of time.
Vibroblade Spears: Spears they were, they vibrate at high frequency to improve slicing.

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