The biological father of Sara and Odessa, Harold is man who determines his value and that of others by their wealth.


Harold has slightly dark skin and short, neat black hair, a thick mustache and is usually seen in a brown or black business suit. His is a thin, middle aged man. He has hazel eyes.


Harold is greedy, ultimately selfish and at times backstabbing. He is not afraid to betray a business partner if it means getting more money faster. Despite seeing himself as an upstanding father, he knows little to nothing about his daughter and his relationship with his wife is frigid, causing both of them to commonly commit infidelity. As a man who defines his world and his worth by his wealth he also defines the value of other people by their wealth or lack thereof.


Harold has experience managing large companies and is a shrewd business man. In terms of combat he is useless as he relies on his bodyguards to protect him and his wife.


Harold was cheating on his wife with Maxine, resulting in his two daughters being near the same age. He has made his fortune ruining the lives of others and amassing large amounts of wealth. His marriage is but a lie, starting as an arranged marriage, the two never learn to like, let alone love each other.

Harold's interest in Sara is to arrange a strategic marriage with another rich family.