The Ultimate weapons of the Enemy. They exist to answer the technology of their enemies.

Appearance Edit

They are giant metal, robotic behemoths, dwarfing even dragons. They are the size of a capital ship and walk on four, three digit legs, a humanoid upper body with a skull like face and pipes, bellowing smoke on their backs. They have a pair of four digit arms, two cones/holes on their shoulders and a forward pointed crest.

Nature Edit

They are biomechanical/techno-organic as the metal they are composed of, is made from repurposed flesh. It makes them immune to their own diseases and able to regenerate.

They are formed by the merger of Space Krakens, Xeno Dragons and a Gormin commander.

History Edit

Created near the end of the war, they were designed to be the ultimate weapon that would allow the enemy to defeat the Mechanoids. Many took part in the Push and what few remained after the war, were hunted down and destroyed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • PPIs: Special WMD missiles
  • Particle Beam: A beam from its maw, it fires molten metal at speeds approaching that of light
  • Distruptors: The holes on their shoulders.
  • Space Travel: They can transform into spaceships
  • Techno Plague: Distributed via the black clouds they puff out.
  • Gormin Factory: They can convert dead flesh around them into Gormin troops by consuming the Blighted
    • Bio-mechanical zombies, made from the dead.

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