The hero who works to stop the Predabots.

Appearance Edit

Helminion wears heavy layered armor which is a dark red and black. His armor is spiky with spiked brass knuckles. His head sports two spikes on the side and a spike mohawk crest .

Personality Edit

Helminion, on the outside, appears gruff and no nonsense, but inside he is a humble bot with an unwanted burden. While a capable commander, Helminion is prone to put himself on the front line, making most believe he is thirsty for battle, instead he wishes to prove to himself that he is worthy of the honor of Paragon.

He can be jovial with his friends and such but is also prone to brooding.

History Edit

Originally a bodyguard for the Archon, Helminion was the only one of the first to awaken to his new Transmetal form. Despite being the Archon's bodyguard, he agreed with the committee to banish her. He and his group took up residence in Maxion's prior base and went about repairing, fighting of Predabot raids.

Armament Edit

  • Strength: He is a large Vandoricon and is thus very strong.
  • Arm Blades: From the side of his arms, he can conjure Tomahawks. They are dense.
  • Plasma Caster: A hand held high powered blaster he conjures from his back and holds in his hand. In tank mode it becomes his canon.
  • Tank Mode: Heliminon in present can transform into a hover tank.
    • Plasma Beam: His tank can fire a plasma laser, capable of puncturing a typical star ship hull.
    • Flight Mode: His tanks also has a flight mode, where its wings extend out.

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