Called the Blood Titan. He is a giant robot that causes mayhem wherever he goes.

Appearance Edit

He is some forty or so meters tall, with cubic armor. He sports a metal face and red eyes. He sports a black helmet. In the center of his chest is a black pearl. His armor was a green hued gunmetal black

History Edit

Created by a magically inclined race of Immortals, Herculon was created by them to be a war machine against the ancient Super Robots. He was birthed, by the 'blood of the innocent' a sacrifice of thousands, perhaps millions or lives to fuel the arcane ritual to mold his metals into shape and give him his powers. Even his Plasma Heart was made this way. His first victims where his creators.

He rampaged across thousands of other worlds, until he was sealed away in a black whole.

Parts Edit

  • Space Titanium Living Metal Skin: Highly indestructible. It was 'forged' using blood magic to imbued it with Star Light Conversion, to turn any fuel he consumes into
  • Amalgomous Energy: His fuel source, which powers and permeates his entire body. It is poisonous to other Mechanical Life Forms and turns anyone of them he kills into his zombie slaves.
    • Amalgomous Spores: Energy bombs fired from his shoulders like missiles, they spread his evil energy about as a weapon.
  • Mechanical Cells: He is a robotic life form, his cells are synchronized with his armor to draw energy turning his Engen into the eldritch fuel. His other parts include...
    • Plasma Heart: His type of Spark, a living Plasma Core that is tainted with Amalgomous Energy. Its pulses flood his cells/body with its energies and generate its consciousness.
    • Nega-Matrix: The Black Pearl in his chest, it absorbs and stored the negative energy and emotions of his victims, releasing them as minus waves, or powering his hammer. It also allows him to fly and go to other planets.
  • Spirit Breaker: An Uru hammer, enchanted by 'Blood Magic'. Stored in Subspace, it is powered by his Nega-Matrix and each blow to the ground generates natural disasters. It requires great strength to swing it like he does.

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