Made to be Super Weapons by the Enemy, they are born and bred at the Horror Factories.

Appearance Edit

They have oval shaped bodies, dark grey skin, large, sunken red eyes, A bony forward crest and several tentacles. Their mouths are rings over several flaps, forming one mouth, with numerous hooked fangs. They are the size of mountains when fully grown

History Edit

Created as Super Weapons to use against Maxion's forces, they became prime targets by the Mechanoids along with their breeding centers the Horror Factories. To add protection and a greater advantage, they became the primary carriers of the Techno Plague. The Krakens existed mainly for shock and awe tactics.

At present, they are considered extinct.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Organic FTL: Their head contains organs that allow for FTL jump
  • Space Adaption: They can survive for long periods of time in space.
  • Regeneration: They have powerful healing factors.
  • Tentacles: Their tentacles are powerful, able to crush mountains.

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