Terrors made in Horror Factories, the Xeno Dragons are behemoths of destruction.

Appearance Edit

Standing 20 to 40 meters tall, the are Kaiju like monsters with small arms and rows of arms going up their neck. They have large horns that twist about, glowing red eyes, a grey underbelly with a blue hide and massive wings that fold into a massive pair of arms on their back. At the end of their large tail is a three point pincer.

History Edit

Creations of the Enemy, they were created in Horror Factories to use in shock and awe tactics.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Diamond hard Scales: Their scales are as strong as diamonds.
  • Healing Factor: They can heal from their wounds mid battle, allowing them to survive otherwise crippling injuries.
  • Plasma Breath: They breath out streams of blue plasma at their enemies.

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