The Chief medical officer, of the Atlanta and possibly the most feared member of the ship. is mainly referred to as Hoshino, Hoshi or Kaabi. He is the only one on the ship who has access to the Atlanta Crew Medical Files.

Appearance Edit

Hoshino has a medium build with a heroic posture. His paint job is white with a few blue lines, and blue crosses on his shoulders. His helmet is rather standard but hat cat ear like fixtures to its side. He also has a cat like tail is a golden ring on the end.

Personality Edit

Hoshino is best described as playful, like a cat, while he will never willingly hurt one of his patients he is amused by making them think that he is a mad scientist. This reputation is only further supported by the fact that he is often alone in the Apollo Sector for Cycles on end, left to his own devices. He often has odd moments of silence with Zombiejiger, as he resembles a dog, while Hoshino resembles a cat.

Like SolZen, he likes to study different forms of robotics, but for him it is not a hobby. Due to the various origins of the members of the crew, he requires this knowledge in order to treat all of them.

History Edit

One of the longest serving members of the crew, Hoshino had patched and fixed SolZen, Zombie and other senior members of staff numerous times. It is only the younger members of the crew that are still afraid of him.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Gear Shredder: His left arm can transform into an energy saw blade, which can also fire said saw blades
  • Medical Devices: All over his body are numerous for repair and helping injured robots.

Trivia Edit

  • The ring on his tail is inspired by Ultranyan.
  • His cat ears, and to a lesser extent his ears, are inspired by his profile picture, an anthropomorphic cat.

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