Known simply as the Alliance or Union, it is the government that rules mankind in the Post Earth (P.E.) era. Despite running Colonies like normal governments, it is primarily known for its military.

History Edit

The Human Alliance Union (HAU) came about as the result of the Cataclysm, when the moon was destroyed in the Third World War,  the first in a series of actions that left the Earth ruined. Attempts to colonize other planets have failed due to the inability of humans to adapt to other planets with without extreme technologies such as gravity manipulators and enclosed environments. Much of mankind lives in large complexes based around asteroids. However despite all of this, humanity still declined. To solve this problem the impossible was done, DNA was converted into digital code and used to create New Humans.

After a series of small skirmishes wiped out what was left of humanity. The major remaining powers came together and formed the Union. Their first order of business is the construction of major bases and colonies to house what remains of mankind and advancements in bio-technology. This has resulted in artificial humans grown in test tubes and used to restore mankind's numbers.

Despite this, problems still in exist in the form of Space Pirate Cartels

Major Alliance Technology Edit

  • Assemblers: Relatively small ( they are usually the length of a small room or two) the take processed material and convert them into components for construction, from computers to super chargers, but they require process materials.
  • Mass Drive: Using gravity and mass manipulation technologies, they allow ships to take of at incredible speeds but still sublight.
  • Nuclear Generator: Power generators that use Uranium, only used on large ship, particularly military vessels and cargo freighters.
  • Plasma Thermal Furnace: The main source of power outside of Nuclear Generators. The most advance are cylinder devices, but the most common are cylinder shaped rooms in the ship. The device generates plasma as part of its function. They exist because Uranium is not easily found or harvested.
  • Genesis Pods: The devices which allow mankind to artificially regrow their numbers
  • Bio-Fuel: Alliance ships and Colonies grow plants with the materials harvested from asteroids to create a biofuel to use in their Plasma Furnaces.
  • Bio-Suits: All humans wear these advance space suits, the provide oxygen and other life support function along with a compact jet pack. They are more form fitting and have armor pieces for on-board computers.
  • Pulse Weapons: These weapons are designed to operate in space, firing ion bursts to move bullets instead of gun powder.
  • Gravity Generation Matrix: Also commonly called a Gravity Generator.
  • Mass Gates: Gates for allowing civilians craft beneath a certain mass, to travel at FTL.
  • Cryo Pods: Stasis Pods, for long journeys.
  • Oxygen Generators: Used to provide air on ships and in stations.
  • Hydroponics: In the absence of farm land, these devices are used to grow crops.
  • Water Processor: Used to convert unhygienic water into drinking water
  • Food Processor: Used to transform ingredients into food, even material as simple as gravel and water.

Alliance Military Edit

Their Colors are primarily blue with white and occasionally yellow.

  • Alliance Troopers: These wear special combat bio suits and are trained with ship assault and counter ship assault tactics
  • Engineers: Wearing special suits with large cargo compartments, they have the few bio-suits that can handle Uranium, but only to a degree. They are responsible with the design and construction of everything from ships to colonies.
    • Nuclear Engineers: Wear green suits with diodes, they are tasked with directly handling the radioactive substance.
    • Combat Engineers: They are tasked with the construction of
  • Officers: The commanding units of the Military, they rank from Lieutenant~Vice Captain~Captain~Commander~Admiral~Fleet Admiral.

Ships Edit

Civilian Edit

Military Edit

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