The War Master of the Mechanism Pantheon, Hyperion was in charge of making weapons.

Appearance Edit

First Form Edit

In his first form, Hyperion was a humanoid mechanoid in purple and grey armor, a large beam bazooka for an arm and a single square eye for a face. His internal mechanisms were visible between his main armor, under patchwork pieces of armor.

Second Form Edit

Now wearing purple robes and grey armor, Hyperion appeared as a pale skin humanoid with long silver hair. His face was hidden behind a V shaped mask with a red visor from which a mouth guard came down. Usually his mouth appeared within wrappings. He had flowing 'cloth' on his upper arms and forelegs, while his shoulder armor was pointed

Personality Edit

Hyperion could be considered belligerent and arrogant, believing himself the strongest of the group as he was on the one made to be a war machine. He did not have much respect for the others including Maxion, who was once an organic. He is also very proud of his physical ability and his weapons and designs and buts heads with Maxion.

While he acknowledges the need to stop the Pantheon's enemies, he looks down on 'lesser' beings.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Laser Bazooka: In his original form it was his arm, in ascended form it emerges out of his arm in a more compact form. It is a phaser, with a fusion power cell and omnicron focus emitter.


  • Shoulder Lases: Panels on his shoulders open to reveal laser emitters, that fire high powered lasers.
  • Arm Blade: Emerging from his arms.
  • Nightmare: He can inflict on lesser creatures madness inducing images that can drive them to suicide, if not absolute terror
  • Laser Sword: A large claymore with a blade made of energy.

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