The end result of Hyperion's A.I. mixed with codes from Tribunal's Blue Box and integrated with Maxion's Life Code.

Appearance Edit

A feminine mechanoid, she has purple and black armor. Her helmet sports a single large optic, but she has a feminine chrome mouth. She sports tanks tracks on the back of her legs and shoulder guards and a large cannon on her left arm.

Personality Edit

While the original Hyperion was a rival, and a friendly enemy, 2 seems to be more obsessed with him and his secrets. She believes that Maxion holds the secret to evolution beyond organic and mechanical. She is practically obsessed with creating the ultimate body and like her predecessor, holds no qualm about experimenting on sentient beings.

She holds a great deal of knowledge and expertise in things relating to mechanoids, biology and cybernetics.

History Edit

At the end of his life, the original Hyperion uploaded a copy of his programming to the network that controlled his various labs around the galaxy. This self-aware digital entity incorporated into itself functions from Tribunal's base code and began to adopt some of her personality traits, beginning to identity as a female and separate entity from her predecessor.

Over time she began to experiment with Mechanoid forms, and Proto-Matter, creating an organic synthetic metal, she came to conclusion that despite the immediate superiority that mechanical forms had over organic beings, they would reach a evolutionary dead end if they remained purely mechanical. She then began to incorporate Organic elements such as Protein Circuits, producing more advance mechanoids than most of what appeared in the galaxy. Via the information she gained from Tribunal's memories, she learned of the abnormality of Maxion, who at a time, had existed as an Ember, pure energy before adopting a mechanical form, something that should've been impossible. This made her interested in his Life Code and the properties of his Ember.

Powers and Weapons Edit

  • EM Cannon: On her left arm, she can fire a beam, a Phaser of sorts. It can fire along any known wave length, from gamma ray and below.
  • Jet Pack: A jet pack, complete with wings, can unfold from her back.
  • Regeneration: Her body has potent regenerative powers.
  • Hive Mind: Hyperion can mentally control her various bases, and numerous drones simultaneously.
  • Tank Mode: Hyperion Transforms into a jet which can double as a make shift jet.

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