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An IA Gun, short for Improvised Ammunition Gun, is a peculiar gun which instead of using traditional bullets/slugs, uses its surroundings as ammunition, such as compacting snow to form solid ammunition.




  • Scope: An attachable scope with different zoom-ins for better aim.
  • Stabilizers: Stabilizers for stability.
  • Silencer: A silencer in order to silence thr IA's gun shots for morr stealth.
  • Laser Pointer: A laser pointer attached to the front site to indicate the point where the improvised bullet will go.
  • Magazine: A place where you can store anything to compact into ammo in case you are in a place without anything to use, for example, in space.
  • Blade: A blade that can be attached to the barrel for close-ranged combat.


  • Inspired from Dan Brown's Deception Point IA Gun.
  • Created by User: Clee26

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