Ice Lords
Homeworld: Shaka V
Tech Age: Advance Space Age
Appearance: Pale Skin humanoids with white/silver mains
Common Traits: Cold Aura, Isolationists
Series: TBA
Type: N/A
Affiliation Non
Created by SolZen321
The dominant species of Shaka V, they are known as the most advance organic race in the Scorpio Galaxy

Appearance and Biology Edit

While roughly humanoid, they are naturally muscular. They have a short double layer of fur that is easily missed by the naked eye. Their 'cold aura' comes from their natural cooling systems, which allows them to dispel the heat their bodies naturally produce to survive the cold. Because of this, what would be warm for most race is like a sauna to them. They also cannot hold their breath, as there are no natural bodies of water, most of the time.

Culture Edit

Ice lords are isolationists, who prefer to keep to themselves and ignore cosmic issues. Their culture is old, having survived the Enemy and the fall of the Titans, they are possibly the oldest culture in the galaxy.

There are two main class, Upper and Lower, and council to rule them all.

They generally wear white.

History Edit

The oldest and perhaps most advance culture in the galaxy, they predate all current Star Empires. The Planetary Federation has attempted to recruit them many times since their discovery, but to no avail. It does not help that they have caught them trying to steal their secrets several times.

Science and Technology Edit

The Ice Lords are among the most advance races of the Galaxy's History. While most races, cultures and empires, revolve their technology around Plasma, they have instead mastered Matter-Plasma. Instead of plasma bolts, they use Phasers and Disruptors, instead Titanium alloys, they mass produce Trytanium, their shields are far stronger, and they have access to cloaking technology.

Their greatest accomplishment is Replication, turning energy into matter to produce whatever they want. This has allowed them to use teleporters, and they are known for making energy constructs.

Crystals are the central focus of their technolgy

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Ice adaption: The Ice Lords, true to their name, are most at home in freezing temperatures, what humans consider room temperature is warm for them. This also makes them highly resistant to any ice/cold based attack.
  • Ice Touch: The Ice Lords generate an aura of intense cold.
    • Ice Beam: A concentrated form of Ice Touch. Only the strongest members of their race can use this ability. They fire a high pressure stream of chemical which are at freezing temperature. This is a weapon of last resort as they may overheat immediately after if they not in suitable temperatures and temporarily loose their Ice Touch power.

Trivia Edit

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