Imperial Attack Ship/Corvette
Ship Type: War/Patrol Vessel
Ship Class: Corvette
Crew Size: 5~10
Weight: tba
Length: 20 meters
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: Two Stories
Manufacturer: The Empire
Armaments: Pulse Gatling Rifles
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Mass Drive
Utilities Life Support
Affiliation Imperial Navy
Created by SolZen321

Imperial Attack Ships, they are used mainly for security and policing.

Appearance Edit

Their bridge is in a slant near the back, they have twin engine pods on the back and a front arrow head shaped body.

History Edit

Primarily used for police duties, they can be see on planets and are sometimes called into war situations.

Armaments Edit

  • Pulse Gatling Guns: Fires bullets via bursts of ions and electricity
  • Rocket Launchers (Heavy version only)

Utilities Edit

  • Life Support: They have stored oxygen that maintains an atmosphere

Propulsion Edit

  • Ion Propulsion