Imperial Cruiser
Ship Type: War Vessel
Ship Class: Cruiser
Crew Size: 30~50
Weight: tba
Length: 100m
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: Four Stories
Manufacturer: The Empire
Armaments: Gatling Turrets
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Utilities Force Cages
Storage containers
Affiliation Imperial Navy
Created by SolZen321

The backbone of the Imperial Navy, these boats sport four turrets on top and eight missile turrets. The underside of their ships is three hangars for fighters.

Appearance Edit

An Imperial cruiser is a rectangular vessel, but from the front view it is oval in shape. Its bridge is on a slant near the rear and again, the engine pods bare a similar shape the ship's main body, all four of them. Long the top of the ship are four gun turrets and on the bottom, but along both side are eight missile turrets. The ship sports three hangars for a small squadron of Fighters.

History Edit

After the Empire came to power, it commissioned a new standard of vessel to replace what would become their Frigate class. The Imperial Cruiser became the staple, but besides its larger size, its technology has not been improved.

Armaments Edit

  • Pulse Gatling Turrets
  • Missile Turrets
  • Hull: Cruiser use, current military grade/heavy armor plating for hulls.

Propulsion Edit

  • Ion Propulsion
  • Mass Drive