Imperial Fighters
Ship Type: Fighter
Ship Class: Fighter
Crew Size: 1
Weight: tba
Length: 5 meters
Height: 2 meters
Manufacturer: The Empire
Armaments: Pulse Gatling Guns
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Utilities None
Affiliation Imperial Navy
Created by SolZen321

The fighters of the Empire.

Appearance Edit

Fighters are small craft seating only one person, the pilot. The ship is mainly a slant with the cockpit, thrusters on the back and wings

Assault Ship Edit

The bare a rectangular attachment with space for six passengers

Heavy Fighter Edit

The fighter is larger and now longer and sporting more weapons, such as rocket launcher.

History Edit

The main Imperial fighter since its conception, unlike most species, the imperials use Fighters in space combat. However, their fighters lack the protection of larger ships, using only light armor for defense

Armaments Edit

  • Pulse Gatling Guns: Fires bullets via bursts of ions and electricity
  • Rocket Launchers (Heavy version only)

Propulsion Edit

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