Imperial Frigate
Ship Type: War Vessel
Ship Class: War Vessel
Crew Size: 10~15
Weight: tba
Length: 40 m
Wingspan: {{{Wingspan}}}
Height: 2 Stories
Manufacturer: The Empire
Armaments: Pulse Gatling Cannons
Propulsion Ion Propulsion
Mass Drive
Utilities Force Cages
Affiliation Imperial Navy
Created by SolZen321

Used for high speed pursuits, or security.

Appearance Edit

Frigates appear as long oval shaped machine with a bridge on the slant near the back and twin large engines. They sport gun turrets at the front, two on top and bottom and two missile turrets near the front on the sides.

History Edit

Originally their main battle ship, they have been replaced by the cruiser and used only for escort missions or scouting.

Armaments and defenses Edit

  • Pulse Gatling Turrets
  • Missile Turrets
  • Hull: Uses Medium strength armor.

Propulsion Edit

Utilities Edit

  • Force Cages: For holding prisoners