Cyborg warriors in power armor and using heavy weapons

Policies and Purpose Edit

The Imperial Knights, as an organization, descend from the Praetorian Guard, the personal bodyguards of the Emperor. Using similar technology, they became shock troops for the Emperor, supersoldiers that represented the Galactic Imperium's finest warriors.

Nature Edit

'Aspirants' are implanted both with cybernetics, specially grown organs and synthetic organs. These extra organs include, an extra heart, lungs, an organ to filter out toxins from the blood, the ability for the blood to immediately clot and night vision. These improvements include super human strength and durability, improved stamina and a healing trance.

When in battle the wear power armor, which combined with their biological enhancements, makes them able to fight with a smaller mechanoid.

The reason their numbers are so limited is the difficulty in producing the organs needed and the low survival rate of those who undergo the procedure.

Their armor is symbiotically linked with them and also double as space suits. When they get injured, and the wound is too severe, the part is often replace by cybernetics. In the worse cases, the victim is integrated into a life support system buried at the heart of a mecha suit.

Appearance Edit

Their armor is red with runes all over. It is bulky in appearance and has a gold mask over the face.


  • They are based on the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k, mainly the Pre-Heresy Thousand Son, the Terran Marines of Starcraft and the Sardikar (I hope that is spelled right) from Dune.

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