A source of grief and anger for many Vandoricons and blamed for most of the problems on the planet.

Nature Edit

The Empire is known for placing restrictions on other races, to hold them back and preserve their idea of a perfect society. This practice is part, mostly part of why other races hate them.

Despite these laws, many species regularly break them, by hiding their facilities by the sheer fact that they have access to Warp Drive technology.

Points Edit

  • No species can experiment in technology not used by the Empire.
  • No species can have a standing army beside the Imperial Navy. Species are allowed to have security forces but they cannot use ships larger than a Frigate.
  • Species are expected to pay tribute, either in money form or resources (this is often a large amount that Imperials decide at will)
  • Vandoricons are not allowed to leave their home system. (This rules is overlooked for the Clericons, who the Imperials hope will gather clues to the Titans and more Ubonium.)

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