The ruling race of the Cross System Empire. They come from Planet Ming

Appearance Edit

The Imperials are a bronze/gold skinned race. They have angular eyebrows with pointed ears. While the males often wear full body uniforms, the women often wear revealing outfits.

Culture Edit

Imperials are very militaristic, with a society based upon maintaining the status quo. Most physical jobs and military roles are head up by males, while females are held to more scientific roles.

The Imperials believe greatly in their right to conquer to the point that they changed their name to Imperials.

They are ruled by an Emperor or Empress, the title is passed down only to blood relations. Beneath them is the High Council of Elders.

Their choice in decor is strangely Asian, yet their buildings generally resembled pointed blades.

Technology Edit

They are a space age race, that conquered other worlds. Their blasters are known for being highly efficient with fuel.

They are also advance in cybernetics, cloning and body augmentation.

History Edit

Their home planet is arid and harsh, fueling their need for conquests.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on Ming's Race from flash gordon

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