A Cyberbot Psychiatrist

Appearance Edit

Indigo a basic cubic style mechanoid, however her body design has a slight organic curve to it. Her colors are White and Orange. She had small bull like horns on her forehead, and thick forearms and forelegs.

Personality Edit

Indigo is a proud bot, with deep loyalty to her faction. However she is ignorant of its history and conditioned to accept her culture for what it is. As a psychiatrist she prides herself on her intelligence and does not like being belittled.

While she wants to be caring and helpful, she mainly comes off as cold and distant.

History Edit

A young Cyberbot, Indigo is one of the new students of a new field of science for her people, Mental Health. This came about due to the Titan Scourge which now threatens her race with extinction and pushed many soldier over the edge.

Before that she was created to fight on Cromus Station, for the battle on Sensus 4

Trivia Edit

  • While her colors were chosen at random, her name was not, coming from DC comic the Indigo Tribe, the Lantern Corp which used the 'Color of Empathy'.
  • Indigo was originally imagined as being built as a male, mechanoid and modified to be a female. But the topic of her gender at construction was never touched upon in story.
  • Her ID Code 555393852-3452-52, means that, her was the 555393852nd batch of newly created Mechanoids/Cyberbots, created. Of that batch 3452 were created/successfully created, and of that number she was the fifty second created.

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