A rare and dangerous material, used as a power source.

Nature Edit

Infernium is not a naturally occurring element and is instead an artificial element. It's name comes from the red glow it naturally has and gives objects powered by it. Similar to Spacium in its pure state, it turns into plasma, however, this plasma is much more radioactive and dangerous to normal life forms.

Even in crystal form, when it is fused with other conventional minerals, Infernium is dangerous to handle with one's bare hands. Interaction with organic material causes burns and in gas form it is effectively poisonous.

It was created both for and in certain Nuclear Plasma Storm Reactors such those found in Armageddon Gospel, and The War Eater. However modern science for most species has yet to figure out how to create it.

In truth, it is the result of Specium and Miasma mixing. A feat possible only by dark magic.

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