A state akin to Primehood in Transformers

Nature Edit

Infused are those bot, infused with 'holy energy'. Said energy is the energy of life, the energy of the Source. Centered in their Spark, Ember or Plasma Heart, this state means a more potent bio-field than most mechanoids.

This state is usually acquired by connection to a Sacred Font, such as the Regenesis Matrix, or Vandoricon Life Matrix. Once granted, this state is not so easily taken away. The Spark of said individual is usually infused with an energy field akin to the Matrix they bore

Matrices Edit

Not everyone who carries a Matrix within them, will become an Infused. This process only happens to those who bear a certain 'sensitivity'. These chosen, are similar in nature to a force sensitive from Star Wars, or a Newtype from Gundam. They often hear the 'Call of their Matrix' especially when the time of the current bearer is drawing close.

Examples Edit

  • Galactic Robot War: Maxion at the creation and merger of the Vandoricon Life Matrix. Subsequant bearers may achieve this rank.
  • Super Robot Academy: The original Primes, before the loss of the Matrix and the downgrade of the tittle to a lower rank
    • Engen Matrices: Their point is to replicate the power of the Infused by giving a temporary power boost.
  • A Sound of Giants: The Kishin Primes, while simply being their mature state are similar in nature.

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