A cyberbot scientist who worked on new forms of energy.

Appearance Edit

Ioata was a medium/average sized mechanoid, with a cubic build like most of his race. He was white with orange and young in appearance, being without much scars.

Personality Edit

Iota was somewhat naive and innocent considering how young he was. He was completely sure that finding a new sustainable source of energy would bring peace between the warring factions and end the conflict.

History Edit

Brought online during the war, he was built to be a scientist and work on solving the energy crises that had become obvious during the war. When the Titans appeared his efforts changed to finding a way to stop them.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Scanners and Equipment: Iota has numerous devices installed on him for examining samples of fuel and holding samples. He uses one of these compartments to hold his blaster.

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