A former human turned android

Appearance Edit

Aside from her head, Jean's body is now a robotic endoskeleton and parts. Around her elbows and calves were clusters/rings of servo mechanics. Her head resembles her human face, with long dark hair, tan skin, green eyes but with bionic plates for ears.

When on missions she wears one of her armor. Her most common armor, is dark grey with a blue visor and shutter face plate.

Personality Edit


Armors and abilities Edit

When on missions Jean wears power armor that increases her physical abilities and comes with their own weapons. The most common weapon is her Buster cannon, which unfolds from the side of her arms, to come together in front of her fist to form a double barrel emitter.

Buster Armor

This armor is grey and black, with a blue visor and shutter style face plate. It is her most common armor

  • Buster: They unfold from the side of her arms to create a double barrel over her fist. Fires plasma bolts and can be charged for a volleyball sized shot.
  • Repulsor Dash: Using magnetic repulsor beams in the soles of her feet, she can move at high speed for a short burst, upward, or forward
  • Fusion Core: Present in later suits, this circular shaped power source powers her suit.

Extreme Armor

This armor exists for extreme environments. The armor is known for its large circular shoulder pads, red helmet, yellow body and cannon right arm.

  • Plasma Cannon: Unlike the buster its cannot fold away. The cannon can fire dense plasma bolts, be charged, and later upgraded to disruptor shots.
  • Scanner: The helmet sports scanning systems for navigating difficult terrain.
  • Jump System: While it sports the Dash system, it has also has a motor pump devices that assist with jumping
  • Fold System: The armor can curl into a ball with the wearer inside.
  • Armor: The armor can withstand extreme cold, heat, and pressure.

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