The Main Character of War of Light

Appearance Edit

A girl in her middle/late teens. Jean has short black hair, and green eyes. Her skin is mildly tan. She is of a mixed ethnicity.

Personality Edit

Jean is sarcastic and smarmy. While she like telling jokes, and can be friendly, she has little patience for 'soft language'. She will tell someone off and not hesitate. She is also incredibly stubborn.

Beyond that she is also rather intelligent, understanding things that most struggle with easily. She can look at almost any device, and ready and usually accurately, guess the mechanics of it, from a car, to a giant robot. Despite this, she prefers the simple lifestyle.

History Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Intelligence: Something of a genius.
  • Sol Factor:
    • Red Light Sensitivity: Besides being able to sense when a Red Light Life form is active, her body activly works to purge it from her system. However, overtaxation can leave her weak.
    • Transformation: Can Transform into Sol

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