The resident punk kid, despite his appearance he is not a goth and just likes the outfit.

Appearance Edit

A natural brunette, Joshua often has numerous streaks of other colors in his hair, black eye shadow, and wears dark and/or usually colored clothes. He often wears a multi-belt, a single belt and buckle with numerous more belts attached to it. His favorite kind of pants to wear are the torn jeans and he often wears spiked bracelets and wears ear clips.

Personality Edit

Despite his appearance, Joshua is very sociable, often at parties. He often parties with the popular kids and is known as the life of the party and can be immature at times. He usually tries to defuse the situation and is prone to joking.

Ultimately Joshua wants to feel like he belongs somewhere with parents that rarely acknowledge him as little more than their offspring.

History Edit

Coming from a middle class family Joshua's parents are scientists who silently look down on him for not being as scientifically gifted as they are, instead heaping praise upon his sister.

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