Kerri/Cyber Medusans
Homeworld: Her'Shush
Tech Age: Space Age
Appearance: TBA
Common Traits: Photographic Memory
Poisonous tentacles
Computer Screen Faces
Series: Maxion
Type: Neutral
Affiliation Galactic Pan Species Alliance
Created by SolZen321
A founding member of the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. They are also called Cyber Medusans

Appearance anatomy Edit

They resemble large man size jellyfish with thick tentacles, with mushroom shaped heads which bear a screen of sorts attached, allowing for emotes and communication.

Biologically, they are like any other jellyfish, except that their species has a sort of centralized brain, which given their size, allows them to store large amounts of information.

They were later cybernetically augmented, allowing them sentience and the ability to use their keen intellects.

One flaw that they have, is that while they are fast learners, they have little to no imagination, meaning they make little to no technological advancement on their own.

History Edit

Once experiments by the Salen, they became sentient as a result of cybernetic experiments. Since then, they went on to help found the alliance with the Salen.

They often serve as living computer/computer operators, giving them a high importance in the Alliance. In response to the various mechanoid races the Alliance has to deal with, some of their members formed the Kerri Anthrodroid Guard, who serve as 'police-for-hire'.

Notable Members Edit

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