A mercenary group form by the Kerri, who serve as shock troopers for the Galactic Pan Species Alliance

Method of Operation Edit

While basically mercenaries, the Kerri hold themselves to a high moral code, and mainly only work for reputable organizations. This has earned them title 'police-for-hire'. For the Alliance, they often act as shocktroopers, or elite SWAT units. They are often called as the go to guys to deal with Mechanoids, and have made fighting them their main interest.

Appearance Edit

The Kerri wear large Mechanoid sized armor, humanoid, cubic and with a single large optic.

Armor and Weapons Edit

The armor they wear is both mechanical and Synthetic, being design to link up with their cybernetics. This means damage, like that to the optic, can cause a feedback that could shock and even kill them.

They are typically armed with blasters, though some have shoulder or chest launched ionic missiles which stun mechanical foes and object.

In terms of weaponry, they usually use Mechanoid sized blaster rifles, but some use ion pulse rifles.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name is inspired by the name of Super Robots in the tokusatsu influenced comic called Kaijumax.

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