Very dangerous, but also very sought after worm like creatures from the Ice planet Shaka V

Appearance Edit

They resemble grey snakes with orange orbs on their sides. Their mouths are near circles with rows of fangs. They can grow to be massive. They have eyes, but they are grey and blind.

Older ones have metal embedded in their skin.

Behavior Edit

They live deep below the surface of the ice world, their glowing orbs contain a substance that generates heat. They are territorial and aggressive. They seem to feed not only on other animals but also from natural radiation deep in the planet. This makes them immune to radiation and are instead attracted to it.

History Edit

The Apex predators of their world, and natural threats to the Ice Lords, they generally live deep underground but can be found in caves that run deep enough. Because of their natural heat generation and radiation immunity, they are sought after be scientists seeking alternative energy sources. However, the Ice Lords, do not allow anyone to visit their planet.

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