The father of Kira

Appearance Edit

A dark skinned human male, with messy long brown hair and golden eyes. He is middle aged and surprisingly clean shaven despite the raggedy robes he generally wears.

Personality Edit

A rather laid back and even jovial person, Kira's father nonetheless likes to be alone after the death of his wife. He does keep tabs on his daughter through the Force and is highly knowledgeable in it. While not evil, he is not motivated to fight the Sith and hold no loyalty to the Jedi seeing the flaws in both groups, which to him are glaring and obvious. However, he chose to leave his daughter with the Jedi during his depression.

He generally holds a wise and sagely demeanor.

History Edit

The true chosen one, Kira's Father was born due to the imbalance in the force and grew to be a wise and powerful Jedi. However despite what the Order had hoped for, he grew to be a Grey Jedi and eventually left the order.

During this time, the Sith approached him many times, to either attempt to destroy him, or turn, each time failing. Eventually their attacks stopped and he met Kira's mother, Ursa and they settled down. However, the old Emperor sensed their child and attempted to steal Kira when she was a child, resulting in the death of many Sith assassins and Ursa.

Due to his depression, he sent Kira away with the Jedi for her safety and retreated to an unknown world.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Force Sensitivity: Possibly, very possibly the strongest force user in the galaxy, he was capable of feats few Jedi or Sith could hope to match. After his wife's death it is said he caused earthquakes with his grief. His powers skirt both that of the Light and the Dark.
    • Telekinesis: He can pull a starship down from space.
    • Postcognition: He can suddenly know the name and history of a person just by seeing them.
    • Telepathy/Scrying: At any given moment he can go and see what his daughter is doing, regardless of where she is in the galaxy.

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