The main character, a drop out from the Jedi Order

Appearance Edit

Kira is a dark skin human female, with dark hair tied back in a pony tail, dark eyes and an athletic build. She commonly wears a black shirt under a brown jacket with grey pants and leather boots. She often has a blaster tied to her hip or side on a holster.

Personality Edit

Kira is rebellious by nature but can be a caring individual though she tries to hide it. She abhors Vook and wants nothing more to do with the Force. She holds a great dislike for those that only see people as tools.

As far as she is concerned, her father should be left alone, having been aware of the sadness and pain that made him leave her with the order.

While dislikes the Jedi and the use of the force, she despises the Sith and the Dark Side.

History Edit

Prior to joining the order, she lived with her parents, until the untimely death of her mother. Afterwards, her father left her with the Jedi due to his depression. Once there, she met Tiga, her self-declared rival and friend. Beyond him, she had few friends, and had a hard time fitting in.

To her surprise to became an apprentice and was placed in the care of Vook Haven. It was because of him that she ultimately decided to leave the order

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Marksmanship: She is proficient with a blaster
  • Mechanic: From the security door, to droids and space ships, she knows how to get them to work.
  • Well Traveled: She is an experienced spacer.
  • Force Sensitive: She is rather strong in the force, although she refuses to use it unless desperate.
    • She is skilled in energy absorption/protection and self healing
    • She is knows how to use a lightsaber, even if she is not a master of it. Her blade was yellow.
  • Gadgets: Even though he is force sensitive, she prefers to use gadgets she has on her person rather than her force powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is partially inspired by Korra from Avatar

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