Strange robotic beings that seem to target the Earth, the Kishin all bare similar traits and seemingly target the Earth for unknown reasons.

Appearance Edit

All Kishin appear as large humanoid with bodies covered in black armor. They have double jointed legs and elongated forearms that often sport slender claws. They also have pronounced spinal columns and their heads, which all vary, often sport white masks of sorts. Most Kishin have two metallic cylinders on their backs of varying sizes.

Nature Edit

The Kishin are all Transmetal, but they are lacking in sparks. While transmetal, some of their body parts are synthetic in nature (plastic organs and parts made to mimic organic organs) and even have white synthetic blood.

All Kishin are able to partially transform their bodies, primarily their arms, into a variety of weapons.

The Kishin appear to be mute.

The Kishin come in two sizes Transformer size and giant.

History Edit


Individual Kishin Edit

  • Hermod: A Kishin that transforms into a makeshift plane of some sort.
  • Brute: A large hulking Kishin. Has a Cannon on his chest.
  • Hime:


Trivia Edit

  • Their name is given to them from the Japanese word for Ogre and Demon God. This name was chosen due to the white masks they commonly wear.

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