Strange robotic beings that seem to target the Earth, the Kishin all bare similar traits and seemingly target the Earth for unknown reasons.

Appearance Edit

All Kishin appear as mechanoid beings with black armor, and often times black tubing beneath their armor. Their optics are usually red or purple and their armor design is rather organic/biomechanical in style.

Nature Edit


History Edit


Individual Kishin by Edit

  • No. 0: A simple creature with a tail, and only a helmet and chest piece for armor. The rest with light grey synthetic muscles with double jointed knees. Was known for agility not firepower.
  • No. 1: An armored humanoid with a pair of large jet engines on his back. Sported armor and firepower.
  • No. 2/Kishin Star: Resembling a satelite with three large satellite dishes, a humanoid chest and head rests in its center. it sports lasers, drones, a forcefield, and can transform into a jet. Later it arrives on Earth and takes on a combiner form. It's main job seems to be to monitor Earth and the target location. It is theorized to be what allows the others to find Earth
    • Cerberus: Three separate beast units that transform into a single humanoid mech.
      • 2 A: An eagle like Kishin that turns into the head and arms
      • 2 B: A large cat like kishin, with a single optic and turns into the upper body.
      • 2 C: A large beast (resembles an elephant) that becomes the waist and legs.
  • No. 3: A beast kishin with a humanoid alternate mode.
  • No. 4: An avian kishin, with a humanoid alternate mode
  • No. 5: An aquatic beast kishin with an alternate mode akin to a mermaid.
  • No. 6: A kishin that resembles an ancient knight with a plasma sword and shield. Can conjure other weapons.
  • No. 7: An arachnid type kishin.


Trivia Edit

  • Their name is given to them from the Japanese word for Ogre and Demon God.

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