A though mythical race of giant, evil Super Robots

Appearance Edit

Giant super robots, their red armor is curved and smooth. They have two spike on their back bending forward and a grey skull like face and claws. Their claws, spikes and in between their main pieces of armor, are composed of a metallic, dark vine like substance.

Anatomy Edit

Powered by what could only be described as a large magical jewel, the Kishin use a combination of Protein Circuits and Transmetal in their composition, as well as some degree of synthetics.Their main forms of attack are eyes beam and electrical volts from their hands and spikes.

History Edit

One Manhunter survived whatever cataclysm wiped out the rest of his kind. Sealed on an ice world, he was revived by Destroids who used Pink Alchemy to revive him. This even was stopped by the crew of the Atlanta, who speared the monster with their own vessel, allowing Chief Engineer Zombie to shatter its Core with his EM Warhmmaer.

Trivia Edit

  • Inspired by the Manhunter that appeared in Legends of Wonder Woman.

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