A prominent race in the Planetary Federation. They are known for their discipline and their Peacekeepers.

Appearance and biology Edit

They resemble Vulcans from Star Trek, but have red or obsidian skin. Kota come from a dusty world, and evolved to deal with excess heat. For this reason, they have poor defenses against the cold and prefer, hot worlds like desert or jungle planets.

Culture Edit

The Kota devote themselves to mental discipline. It is to the point that they often seem emotionless. The discipline is why the Akhar Star Cult has had such difficulty infiltrating/recruiting members of this species. The Kota like order and have highly regimented and orderly lives, they are also atheists and objective and look down on anyone who believes in anything that requires faith, or what cannot be scientifically explored. It is this lack of imagination and 'hope' that meant they progressed slower than most races.

Their rituals and customs, all center around discipline, to the point that they only eat vegetables and Nutrient Paste.

Like many other humanoid races, they dislike the exotic and different.

In terms of technology, they are generally at the galactic standard, but have no real exotic/unique/specific technology they excel at compared to other races.

Another aspect of their culture is their names. Kota names are a few letters, then a couple of numbers and then a full name composed of one's first name, parent's name, grand-parents name and family name. Despite people wishing to use nicknames, they often insist on their proper name being used. This naming scheme comes from the fact that they are a very collective minded race, with needs of the individual seen as irrelevant compared to the needs of the state.

The name represents their city state of birth's code, their date of birth and then, their lineage.

Among the Kota are those called 'Deserters', those who willingly abandoned the highly disciplined ways of the Kota. They are held with contempt by other Kota, and seen as traitors to the Kota people, even though there are no 'legal' repercussions for their behavior.

History Edit

One of the founding races, their Peacekeepers formed the backbone of the original military, and their standards are still used at present from back then. They do very little exploring, and experimentation, and their scientists mainly work to keep up with the rest of the galaxy.

Trivia Edit

  • They are based on the Vulcans from Star Trek

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