A Kishin from Maxion's past

Appearance Edit

Kronon's body is a dark grey (under his armor) and gun metal grey armor plating. Underneath his armor, metallic fibers and his metallic skeleton can be seen in some parts like around his joints. His face is a red V shaped visor resembling compound eyes and a face plate over a fanged mouth. Like all of his kind, his face is composed of metal plates forming his cheeks and lower jaws, but he is without lips.

On his fore arm is large chevron (V) shaped armor with the armor pointing down. It had a cylinder shaped part in the middle of the V implanted in his arm. His chest is barrel shaped with layered armor, with chest armor. His legs were long and armored, coming down on high heels while the front had a large spike on each front. In the middle of his chest was a purple sphere, in the center of a layered plates of armor that form a V shape.

Personality Edit

Krono's primary goal is getting revenge for his brother. besides that, all other things or irrelevant. While he abhors Magnus and his oppressive regime, he has placed his vengeance over whatever suffering his people endure.

Despite this he is still loyal to his group, but his overriding hatred

History Edit

The brother of a renegade, Kronon rightfully guessed that his brother was killed by Maxion. Since then he has sworn vengeance. When the rebellion began he was upset to find himself fighting on the same side as Maxion and later betrayed his unit and rebel's cause to defeat him. While Maxion escaped death, Kronon aligned with Magnus to be part of the squad devoted to hunting him down.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Arm Cannon: His hand disappears into his arm and the cylinder on his forearm rises. A barrel replaces his arm. It is a plasma cannon
  • Plasma Blade: The pieces of the V shaped armor on his forearm slide forward and generate a blade of energy. It cuts by melting/burning through the target.
  • Jet Engine: Stored in what would be called its calves, they generate massive thrust. Plasma Ejectors.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on concept art designs of Grimlock from Age of Extinction

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