A teacher at the academy, like his name implies he transforms into a giant lion.


Leoroy has a robotic lion head on his chest and a mane like helmet. He is a old red robot with a mustache and beard.


The old lion, as some call him, is stoic, tired and easily annoyed but is eager to teach younger bots the skills they need to survive coming battles. When roused to fight he can still hold his own with the best of them, but would rather be left alone to sleep. His fingers are his morphed claws.


Leoroy is a Prime and as such should not be underestimated. Though many would think him an old bot, he is still a bot and not subject to aging as organics. He is strong like any Prime and with his Matrix can unleash frightening power.

Weapon Tech and Abilities

  • Missiles: From his main he can launch several small but powerful missiles.
  • Plasma Chest Cannon: From his lion mouth he can fire blasts of Plasma
    • Beam Leo: Using his cannon and his Matrix he can fire a devastatingly poweful beam.
  • Energy Claws: He can use his claws, charging them with fiery Plasma, to slice through foes.
  • Leo Axe: His hand transforms into an Engen Charged Blade.

Beast Mode

Weapon Tech and Abilities

  • Leo Roar: In beast mode he can use a powerful sonic weapon, it appears as him roaring. He also sends out an EM Wave that can hack and control Sparkless bots and the weak minded.
  • Engen Claws: Same as Before.


  • Beast to Robot: Leoroy stands up, his back legs becoming humanoid, his front legs turn to the side becoming arms and making way for the head which becomes chest armor. His robot head pops outs and his front claws become hands.


Leoroy was forged during the time of the second last True Prime and fought during the war. He was stationed on a jungle planet, where most of his team assumed animal forms like the enemy. Since then, the faux skin he wore during his transformation has long since disintegrate

He serves as the head of Robotics at the Academy.


  • He is based on an old teacher SolZen321 knew