The Castra President Elect of the Galactic Pan Species Alliance.

Appearance Edit

She is a cream furred Castra, with red hair and blue eyes. She is thin in build and typically wears a long black dress to parties, but to events and in general she wears a white three piece suit and black skirt.

Personality Edit

Liana is wary of machanical life forms, and in particular Maxion and his creations, due to his history and that of the Alliance. She is strong willed, determined and intelligent, but may be too proud of her race and the Alliance. She looks down on the other Star Empires as primitives and savages, while her people are enlightened.

For all her pride, she is generally afraid of the future of the Alliance and its people and seeks ways to preserve it.

History Edit

Liana became president some thousands or so years after the formation of the Alliance. As a child, she saw the war with the Covenant and the border skirmishes with the Planetary Federation and the Cross System Empire and the rise of the Maxion Zone, now called the Mechanoid Zone.

To this end she has sanction several projects to develop new defenses against the Alliance's enemies.

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