A mysterious power responsible that mutates and empowers whatever it comes in contact with.

Nature Edit

A mass/field of organic Photonic Particles/ Photon Based Microbes, he luminous microscopic beings fuse with and mutate whatever they encounter. The usual end result of this is giant monsters, but they are also used in the creation of Super Robots and Engen.

When it comes in contact with a host, the Light will change into one of two forms and mutate it's host based on that light.

The Red Light Edit

The form when it encounters most animals, it mutates the creature into a being that runs on Gamma-Synthesis. Should a sentient being come in contact with it the red light, they appear to mutate into a primitive brute. At its lowest doses it improves physical strength and rejuvenation however

The Blue Light Edit

Seen in sentient beings, it empowers Sentient beings with psychic powers and improved health/physical ability. At its lowest doses it improves physical health, at higher levels the user may start to develop mental abilities such as basic telepathy.

Super Robots Edit

The light, mainly the red form, is used in the reactors of some robots, coupled with DNA based computers to link up with the pilots. These robots are called Evolroids

Trivia Edit

It is based both on the Light of Nature from Ultra Fan Wiki and Getter Rays from Getter Robo. In fact, it is literally the same thing as the Light of Nature.

See also Edit

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