The mysterious and insidious connection between all members of The Dead Army

Nature Edit

A result of the either Web Powers, Daorium or the shared nature of their creation, or maybe all three. All members of the Dao Scourge shared a sort of unknown hivemind, linking their thoughts. This creates a psychic field which they unknowingly use to power their ludicrous technology and is why their ships stop working when enough of the crew is killed.

It also has another side effect, exposure to it can send normal people mad, with Space Editors having a resistance thanks to their augmentations. This resistance is greater in Admins. This is called the Cringe Effect due to the emotional response from those who resist it.

Despite their resistance, there are those who do eventually fall to Madness. They are the Otaku Marines, traitors and they are hunted down by their former brethren for having sided with the Vandals.

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