A robotic race, the Linonians desire to advance beyond their competitors. Their home is called Planet Linonia

Appearance Edit

They appear as slender humanoid robot with the back of their heads resembling inverse triangles.


Once an organic race, they slowly but surely transformed themselves into robots as they advanced into the space age. In their dealings with other races, they were subjected to bigotry against mechanical life forms and excluded from the Alliance. However their services and goods are considered very valuable on the galactic market.

They were one of the race conquered when the Chromium Commonwealth was changed into the Chromium Empire. They were some of the few surviving Mechanoid Races who survived the slaughter there after by the organic races. This was done by cloaking technologies and by blocking FTL access to their system.

After the Great Mechanoid Civil War little is known of what became of them.


They are a Space Age race, bearing similar levels of technology as their rivals and customers the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. This includes Jump Drives, railguns and similar levels of starship technology. Unlike their rivals they have mastered laser weapons. Their structures are often utilitarian, with little to no windows or furniture, yet they have museums with artwork.

They are also skilled at building robots (obviously), the Hunter Seeker Series are large versions of themselves that transform into a jets.

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