Lord Ba Dao is the leader of The Shiny Cult and his disciple. His crimes are so great that he is to be executed publicly, in order to let the masss known that he is really dead. He his most commonly referred to as simply 'Dao'

Appearance Edit

Lord Ba Dao is a purple and pink bot with standard build and two small shields on his shoulder. His alt mode is a luxury truck. When fully assembled he has a rocket pod on the right side of his shoulder.

Personality Edit

Dao, is a raving madman, professing absolute devotion and loyalty to his cause. He refuses to acknowledge and of crimes as 'evils' and is completely taken in by Shiny's Technoism and Mechanoid Supremacy.

History Edit

The Leader of the Shiny Cult, and the last high ranking Destroid from the War, during the war and after Dao committed numerous crimes against Sentient Organics and the Cyberbots who allied with them. Finally caught, his legs and weapons were removed as he was placed in an Admantium cell to be transported by the Atlanta Crew for Public Execution.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Missile Launcher: Normally resting on his right shoulder, it was removed upon his imprisonment.
  • Blaster Rifle: Removed upon his imprisonment. Could be hand held or attached to his arm.

Trivia Edit

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